About CAB

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a formal channel for ongoing education, communication, advocacy, and problem solving among representatives of the community and those involved in adult and pediatric HIV/AIDS treatment and preventive vaccine research. Our purpose is to facilitate appropriate, timely, and ethical research efforts which may ultimately bring about an end to HIV Disease and AIDS.


  1. To provide a safe meeting place and forum that facilitates confidential communications among populations affected by AIDS living in the greater Rochester region and the URMC research sites in order to enhance community awareness and participation in HIV/AIDS research.
  2. To provide an opportunity for shared discussion, feedback, and support to the URMC research sites on issues related to clinical research studies including but not limited to subject education, recruitment, consent, enrollment and retention; and access to culturally appropriate and informative materials by general and targeted populations.
  3. To ensure the Rochester region and CAB is represented at, and abides by rules set forth by leaders of, appropriate national and/or international conferences, committees and conference calls.

More Information

Our CAB typically meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month in the Saunder’s Research Building, 265 Crittenden Boulevard. Dinner is provided at each meeting. There are also several sub-committees that meet independently of CAB at the convenience of its members. One such committee that is actively seeking new members is the Special Events & Community Education sub-committee.

All of our members are volunteers, and we are always looking for new community members to join our CAB and/or a sub-committee. For more information on CAB and current sub-committees, contact the CAB Liaison by phone or email.

Cody Gardner
CAB Liaison and HVTN Community Educator